It All Began When They Said

"I feel invisible."

When I turned 48 I interviewed various women who were in their 50s and over. My goal was to learn from them and prepare myself for this next amazing chapter. 

I was disappointed to find out that over 70% of the women used the word "invisible" to describe themselves.

Prior to the interview I worked as Weight Loss Coach helping women in their 40s and over lose weight for good by helping them uncover the root cause of why they were overeating.

I decided right after the interviews to dedicate my life to helping women in their 50s and over create this next chapter of their lives on their own terms with zero apologies. 

Are you ready to create a future more exciting than your past?

You matter
You are a big deal

Society does a fantastic job of packaging women in their 40s and over into boxes labeled with a sell by date or the dreaded expired sticker

The “sell by date” is a low key warning that you are no longer valuable. Typically the sell by date is assigned to women in their 40’s

While women in their 50’s and over get slapped with the “expired’ sticker aka You no longer need to be seen. You no longer need to be heard. You are no longer valued.

My superpower is without a doubt helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... the possibilities are endless.

Quite frankly the statement from others or society can be upsetting and downright discouraging but that’s not what you should be worried about.

The thoughts coming from your brain that sound like facts, are the ones you really need to be concerned about. Your brain is feeding you this information because that’s all it knows.

It’s time to not just age gracefully but to age boldly. Are you ready?

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“Creating your best life is an inside job. Trying to change it from the outside only works for a short while.

Before you know it you are exhausted and back to square one looking for another solution.”

I have a degree from the University of West London in the UK and a Masters program in Medical Informatics from Northwestern as well as a certification from The Life Coach School.

Coaching provided me with tools that I used on myself with amazing success and I know share these same tools with my clients.  

I feel honored to help women in their 50s and beyond acheive the results they desire in all areas of their lives. 

Together we are creating their best life and it's nothing short of life changing. 

are you ready to get started?

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