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Over the years you have chosen others before you. Kids, spouse, parents, pets, friends etc. I know you have probably re-scheduled doctor appointments so that you can be there for others. It's time to take care of you.

I can work with you through my one-on-one coaching program, Aging Boldly

Let's go! It's your time!

I’ll take you from hazy dream to the reality of your choice.

The reality could be losing weight, regaining your confidence, improving a relationship or so much more. 

The coaching tools I share can be used to master any life situation.

My coaching style is like your BFF meets your favorite college professor (the one who never lets you turn your homework in late)…and I adore every second of it.

My one-on-one program

How would you like to show up for this next chapter of your life?

You've already lived more than half of your lifetime. Let's get started now to create a future more exciting than your past.

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Ladies 50 -99, feeling better in your relationships and health than in your 20s and 30s is available to you.

I help my clients by using by sharing with them different tools like the self-confidence process (SCP) where they can see the level of confidence when they begin working with me and how it increases once we finish working together after 16 weeks.

My clients end up looking past their fears and expectations of others and begin to trust in themselves more. The result is they end up feeling better than they have in years and fulfil goals they have pushed to the side for so long.

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It's Your Time

How long are you going to keep doing the solo journey expecting a change?

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"In as little as 12 weeks she shared tools that helped me lose weight and tackle life's obstacles"

 I would have never thought that I would find such a valuable resource while casually scrolling through the TikTok app as I have found in Kwavi and her weight loss and life coaching program. In as little as 12 weeks, Kwavi provides a step-by-step program in the what, where, and how of weight loss. She provides a fully stocked toolbox for conquering the physical and mental task of weight loss. Her direction was not only useful for a good weight loss journey, but the skills she taught me were and still are forever useful in all areas of my life that I have found challenging. I have not only learned how to push through rough spells, I have also learned to treat myself with grace and compassion. I am thankful for the effort and thought she brings to a wonderful program. 

Dr. Parker lost 60 pounds

Yes, It Really Works

"I lost weight and started a business at 66 years old. I'm beyond happy with my life"

Listen as Dr. Tucker-Green talks about her experience working with me.

Dr. Tucker-Green loves herself beyond belief and works out regularly

Your voice matters.

I was able to rediscover my voice while working with Kwavi and that transformed my life. 

Phyllis Thrush

Phyllis Thrush